point 1. General provisions
The Data Administrator is:
The Parasight S.A.
ul. Juliusz Słowacki 66
30-004 Krakow


Data protection is updated on the basis of regulations, and their securing on secured safeguards.
At the request of the receipt of the Privacy Policy, the term “User” of the solution has been set as “Administrator type”, point – “We”.
The term “GDPR” Designation of the European Parliament 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on persons related to data protection in the case of data 95/46 / EC.
Personal data for individuals and individuals are present.


point 2. Data Administrator
The Service Provider is the Data Administrator of his clients. We process your data:
name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, address details.
Personal data is:
a) in compliance with the provisions on the protection of personal data;
b) perform with the implemented Privacy Policy;
c) in terms of achieving the goals related to establishing, shaping the content, adapting to solutions and proper implementation of services, selling products delivered within the framework of quality;
d) within the scope and purpose, I am aiming at the introduction to the freedom of interest (legally justified), and the violation of the rights and admission of the data subject
– to the extent and compliance <m with that expressed by you, if you sent a message via the contact form;
Reporting persons who are concerned (if reported administrators are reported to report complaints) have the right to access complaints, submit or submit complaints, raise objections, submit complaints to judicial supervision.
A provider with a personal data maintenance service is a service offered by delivery only with service alone offered by delivery.
The right to a right to a right that has a right to a right to a right to a right or a right to a right to a right, or to a Hebrew law which has a right to a right or a right to a right to a right to a right to a right.
The service provider has the right to access the personal data of users and other manipulation administrators on the basis of legal provisions (e.g. authorities).
Removal of personal data may take place as a result of the withdrawal of copyright for the provision of the personal data processing service.
The Service Provider does not provide users with personal data to other entities to regulate regulation based on legal provisions.
Personal data nurtures the relict or processing of personal data, process employees, process and process their own personal data laws and regulations.


point 3. Cookies
The website uses Cookies. The server, servers, text files provided by the website and by the user’s computer. When the browser reconnects to the peak, the site recognizes the type that connects to the device user.

The parameters allow only the display to be read by the server that created them. Cookies provide content due to the absence of sites.
The information collected relates to the IP address, service system type, jurisdiction, website, jurisdiction, internet service provider, time and date services, and information sent to the website via contacts.
The collected service data is for the service and maintenance, how to run the service now, to provide our websites, improve the provision of the service, providing transfers and trouble-free navigation.
Monitoring user information, thanks to which we use Google Analytics tools that record user behavior on the website. Cookies identify the user, thanks to which the content of the website he uses is adjusted to the user’s needs.
We encourage you to remember this recording, for now it is available and set for marketing messages on which advertising is placed. We use Cookies to achieve a high level of user convenience,
and the collected data is conducted as the only companies for optimization.
On our company, plants Authorship Cookie settings:
a) “Tool” Cookies, created with services as part of the service, such as authentication Cookies.
b) Cookies Files to implement security, eg home to home abuse